Welcome to my world

 Medfed selfie
Hi, I’m Erica Camus, you may have seen me speaking at your event or in your newspaper.
Welcome to my website!
You’ll find most of my writing and work in mental health here which I’ve been doing since 2010 under this nom de plume that nods to my favourite philosopher, Albert (also a goal keeper!)
My life is good. I live in Staffordshire with my partner, I love walking and Brazilian dancing, I work full-time as a freelance journalist and editor and run my own fashion label and ‘mad-to-order’ T-shirt design service, Medfed…
… and I also have a history of paranoid schizophrenia (my diagnosis today is schizo-affective). But I don’t let that hold me back! Just have a look at some of my articles, designs and films and see for yourself.
Feel free to say hello on email too – cromptonerica@hotmail.com. I welcome all feedback and further assignments.
Or if you’d like to book me for a talk or lecture, you can visit my profile at A-speakers here and contact contact@a-speakers.com.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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